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Covid-19 Response

May 20, 2022

The BCCA continues to monitor the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on the camping industry and we are committed to provide information and support to our member camps. Camps are no longer required to submit a COVID-19 safety plan to their local medical health officer or to the BCCA. Instead, camps must have a communicable disease plan that addresses managing camper and staff health policies and practices. Your communicable disease prevention plan does not need to be shared outside of your organization. We want to thank all camps that took part in town halls and other meetings over the past two years and would like to express our gratitude to those that provided additional input into the creation of our COVID-19 guidelines for the camping industry. We are proud of the commitment to safety that so many BC camps exhibited in reopening their camps last year and we wish all the best for the upcoming camping season as camps continue to re-build. 

The BCCA will keep the approved 2021 COVID-19 guidelines for overnight camps and school camps as a resource for camps to use. The best practices developed for health and safety, cleaning, ventilation and use of space, health checks and responding to symptoms are all still valid guidance to help inform your communicable disease prevention plans. If you have questions about what is best in your specific circumstances you may contact your local environmental health officer. The BCCA commends camps that are continuing to implement enhanced health and safety protocols within their organizations. Thank you for promoting safe and quality camping here in BC! 

To review our approved 2021 COVID-19 Overnight Camp guidelines click here

Accreditation Update - Accreditation visits will proceed during the 2022 season as scheduled. Please remember, it is the responsibility of member camps to notify the BCCA of any significant changes to operations, including changes in senior management or cancellation of camp programming. For more info on our accreditation process click here

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