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Did you know there are over 40 accredited overnight camps across BC? BCCA Accredited Camps are regularly inspected and evaluated on their adherence to provincial industry standards in areas of programming, personnel, property and policy. An Accredited camp has received an in-depth external review of facility and operations to ensure the camp is both safe and fun! 

To find an amazing Accredited camp browse our comprehensive directory here!

The BCCA also supports a number of Aspiring camps who are actively working towards becoming Accredited by the BC Camps Association.

BCCA camps all offer something unique and exciting for their campers. Programs may include overnight camps, day camps, family camps, out trip programs and leadership training opportunities! Decide the goals you have in mind for a camp experience and pick out a camp that will provide the benefits you’re hoping for! 

* Our Accredited and Aspiring directories reflect our current membership roster. If a camp is not listed in either of our directories it means they are not affiliated with nor receive guidance or oversight from the BC Camps Association. 


Our BCCA Camps are located across the province! Accredited camps are marked in navy and Aspiring camps are marked in turquoise. 

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